VICOM, a product of TÜV | DEKRA arge tp 21 GbR, is a 3D application for creating and varying virtual traffic situations.

The VICOM editor was originally developed in 2010 to create media for the theoretical driving test in Germany. Today, in Germany as well as in other European countries, images and videos of traffic situations created with VICOM are an integral part of testing and improving driving skills in driving schools and theory tests.

In addition, media created with VICOM have successfully entered new fields of application, for example as feedback to the examinee in the practical driving test in Germany and as stimulus material in scientific road safety research or projects.


The VICOM editor allows the user, without being a 3D-Artist, to create and adapt a wide variety of traffic situations using a modular system.

Based on pre-designed environments provided by different basic templates (e.g. an urban template, a rural road template or a highway template), vehicles and characters (e.g. pedestrians, cyclists, animals) can be taken from a huge library. They can be placed on the scene freely or with  the help of VICOM.

The environment can also be easily designed by adding other elements such as buildings, vegetation, traffic signs and signals.


VICOM allows the user to create complex static traffic situations within a few hours and dynamic traffic situations within a day.

It is also possible to change a huge variety of environmental parameters such as weather, season or time of day at the touch of a button.

Base Scene
dry and sunny

wet and rainy

frosty and snow

The ability to visualize a traffic situation in any type of traffic environment by exchanging essential elements of the environment or traffic situation is one of the key features of VICOM. 

Created traffic situations can be easily and effectively rendered as static images or dynamic videos from different perspectives, with additional generic vehicle cockpit and in different output formats.


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